The Jessy Story, End Days & Gay Gay KKK is a 3 part performance art piece about a conflicted closeted gay Jesus who quits religion and is executed. 

This musical is in its pre-production phase, we have about three thousand drawings, 30 animations and 20 thought provoking, mind blowing hilarious songs. 

This trilogy is like South Park on steroids, a little True Blood, Archie Comics and Dukes of Hazard all combined to tell the end day prophecies.

I am Freddy the Teddy
The voice of truth
When people read End Days
They hit the roof
Saying Jesse’s Prophecy
Is anti-gay
Hate speech on the web
For all to see
To all my detractors
I say they are wrong
And this is why I’m writing this poem
Laugh at the white God of inequality
Make fun of the false God of bigotry
Satirize our silly God of nationality
God is not obsessed with your sexuality
Jessy Jesus will set us all free

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